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Berlin stories - The narrative theatre Lehre

Berlin is one of the most exciting german cities. It is a culmination point for German history, but there are many "Leerstellen" (gaps). After 1989 artists began to occupy these "Leerstellen". Today, more than 15 years after the German reunification, these gaps can still be seen . Berlin is famous for its state of experimentalism, of transition and of transformation. The state of transition has attracted artists from Germany and all over the world. In this course we will discuss selected texts about the "New Berlin" and playfully translate those ideas into a different Form. We will be working with the narrative theatre approach, which has been developed at the Berlin University of Arts. It focuses on concrete onstage story telling using theatrical elements.

The course introduces the linguistic forms, which are required for exciting story telling in the foreign language German. We will playfully practice these elements, which will enable you to keep the audience's attention over a longer time span. You need comfortable clothes and light shoes.

Theatre Course at the George Mason Universtiy, Fairfax, Virgina
May 2007

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